Our #PartneringUP Virtual Assistants (VAs) are known to be experts in their field. We take pride in hiring talents with specialized skillsets rather than Jacks of all trades. Your tasks will be delivered to you with confidence, as each task is assigned a specific VA who has demonstrated expertise in that field. 

All our VA’s are professionals who continue to seek education and training in their specific skillset so you can be assured that your work is of the highest quality.

Our #ParteringUp Virtual Professionals are all employees. For short-term projects that have no recurring monthly tasks or deliverables, freelancers can be a good option. However, to encourage the long-term relationship we strive to nurture, employees are the way to go. 

Our employees get to know your business, your goals, and your service. Instead of just accepting tasks to complete, our professionals are thinking about how to help you grow your business, providing insights and suggestions that you may not have thought of before. We view this relationship as a partnership and are committed to helping you reach all your business goals.  

We love referrals! Refer somebody to PartneringUp and you’ll receive $150 off your next payment subscription with us.

Once you are onboarded, you will have access to your PartnerUp client portal that shows all your requested tasks, progress and how many remaining hours are remaining on your plan.

Our VPs can take a lot from your plate, much more than you could ever imagine, giving you more time to do the important things. From administrative tasks (managing your calendar, creating documents, updating business information on sites and apps, etc.), social media management & marketing, WordPress development and maintenance, graphic design, paid advertising and more! 


We are happy to hop on a call with you to determine what you need and make sure our services will be the right fit!

Our annual plan lets you use your hours within 365 days of purchase.. If you opted for a monthly plan, hours included in the plan you’ve chosen do not carry over to the next month, so we highly suggest that you assess how many hours of assistance you really need before purchasing a PartneringUp plan. 

Not a problem! If you need extra hours, it’s easy to upgrade your plan! If you purchased a monthly subscription, you have 30 days from the time of your upgraded subscription to use your newly extended hours. 

No extra cost at all! We only require that the additional client user be a member of the business account as an owner and would be qualified to subscribe under our User Terms and Conditions. If they meet these requirements, the account owner only needs to inform your PartneringUp project leader of the new account user for them to be able to utilize and use the service.

For monthly subscription, you will be charged on the day that you subscribed with PartneringUp and then we will send your billing statement every 30 days thereafter. A good example is, if you sign up on January 1, you will next be billed for your plan on February 1. To use the same scenario, if you upgraded your subscription on March 30, the next date that your payment method will be charged is April 30. The payment method will be automatically charged each month unless you request to cancel your plan by emailing us or giving us a call. 


For annual subscriptions, your payment method will be charged upfront for the entire amount of your plan, and you have one year from the date of purchase to use the subscribed hours.  Then, your hours can be used anytime during those 365 days!