Laila Guzman

Inexpensive Marketing Ideas that Actually Work

Small businesses need to create a big impact with their marketing to stay ahead of the competition. However, in most cases, they have a limited marketing budget, finding it challenging to compete with bigger brands with a substantial marketing budget. 

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Winston Ajero

Tips to Make One’s Presence Felt on Facebook

On the surface, building a Facebook presence might look easy. Just share a few thoughts about one’s company and then move on. However, making our presence felt requires time and effort, apart from the strategic adjustment, monitoring and ongoing execution.

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Maricel Camposano

Top 10 Email Marketing Tips

Emails are very powerful tools for marketing; 35 percent of customers who visit a website or purchase something do it by viewing an email. In fact, most people do not even bother opening them—that is how powerful email marketing can

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